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The Shark Pol

For children
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kind of musical
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in fact you need 4 actors of any gender (+ voices)
Original title
[REK]in Pol

The shark Pol lived for almost four hundred years in the dark ocean depths until it confronted the largest predator on the planet, a human being. Pol is no longer whole, his story is told by individual parts of the fish body: fins, jaws, torso, creating, as the author writes, "a musical reconstruction in several scenes for drums and bass guitar". ('maybe even eco drama'). Kaczorowski juxtaposes the ancient wisdom of nature with human expansionism, without avoiding pop-cultural references. The leitmotiv of the play is the iconic theme from the film Jaws. But the parts that used to make up Pol's body do not understand the human world. His home was a silent, dark, unfathomable depth; the mystery of nature:

"1: underneath
2: was the same darkness
3: darkness
2: all-encompassing
4: all-embracing
3: all-mighty
1: altogether pulling in
2: for people
4: dangerous
3: because apart from the pressure change
1: nothing signals
4: where
2: is
3: the bottom
1: and where
4: is
3: the surface [...]"

Pol questions the stereotype of a bloodthirsty man-eater. The shark's purpose is to explore quiet, cold depths. The first interest in the presence of man leads to the animal's perdition. The man who murders Pol does not need meat or fish fat to survive. It is only a test of strength for him:

"I ate it. Not all of it. I tried it. But he was bitter. Tough. He was dry. I had to try what cost me so much effort. I looked death in the eye."

He does not know that a shark, unprovoked, does not want to attack two-legged creatures.

Kaczorowski's musical eco-drama offers great staging possibilities: the author anticipates the presence of musical instruments and a video camera. The important theme and artistic form make it possible for the play to be addressed both to adults and teenagers.