Polish authors

Milewska, Monika

Monika Milewska, born in 1972 in Gdansk. A Doctor of History, playwright, writer, translator. A lecturer at the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy and Sociology. She made her debut as a playwright with Savonarola, published in “Dialog” in 1992 and then staged by the Polish Radio Theatre. A winner of over twenty poetry and drama competitions. Her book called Vinegar and Tears.

Alksnin, Adrianna

Alksnin, Adrianna

Student of the Drama Directing Department at AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow. Member of the Drama Studio (pl. Pracownia Dramaturgiczna). In May 2019, she produced the workshop performance of Sad Girl Sylvia Plath at AST in Krakow. Her directing work Brothers was presented during the 8th Young Directing Forum. She participated in the project "Debuts: Young  within the Old" organized by the National Old Theatre in Krakow.

Pałyga, Artur

Pałyga, Artur

"...what you write in the newspapers has no comparison at all with the power of stage communication. In the newspapers, it all disappears in some maddening crowd, in the mass daily production of gigantic amounts of texts, which are mostly skimmed. And here we are, face to face, only the stage and you, the viewer. And you have to listen or leave, which is not easy. So you listen.

Mossakowski, Paweł

Paweł Mossakowski, born in 1957, an author of radio and tv plays, reviewer and film producer. A graduate in sociology at Warsaw University, in 1981 he was employed as a junior lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Culture. Since 1989 a journalist for “Gazeta Wyborcza”, in 1990-1996 a literary director of the Polish Radio Theatre, and in 1996-2003 a Canal Plus film producer. 

Kaczorowski, Tomasz

Kaczorowski, Tomasz

He is from Sopot, and he's a director and an author of texts for theatre and concepts of educational activities. A graduate of Theatre Knowledge at the Jagiellonian University, he also studied directing at the Faculty of Puppetry Art at the Theatre Academy in Białystok, currently a PhD student of philology at the University of Gdansk.

Szulc, Stefan

born in 1974 in Sosnowiec. A poet, playwright and actor. A graduate in Polish studies at Katowice University. Since 2002 a PhD student at the Institute of Philosophy at Zielona Góra University. An author of A Little Book of Proverbs and several plays. 

Grabowski, Artur (Art Grabov)

Artur Grabowski, born in 1967, a dramatist, essayist, translator and lecturer. Studied polish literature and philosophy. He’ s always been related to Cracow. His dramas were read and put on stage in Cracow, Lublin, Warsaw, Budapest, Chicago and Zagreb. In 2001 he represented Poland at the Festival of Central Europe in Cividale del Friulli, in Italy, with his drama Well.

Gieldon, Filip


Born in 1983 in Stockholm. At the age of 26 he decided to go back to his parents’ country and started his studies in the Directing Department on PWSFTViT in Łódź. He combines a passion for cinema and theatre with the cultural experience gained in Sweden, London and finally Poland. In his artistic activities he wants to take up current topics by working with young, ambitious actors.