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Jurek Paweł

Paweł Jurek mocks our contemporary reality which is constantly manipulated by the media. His characters believe in their fictional images; they lose their sense of identity. It finds its reflection in the destroyed culture that has been replaced by TV pictures. The powerful media is ready to create heroes out of criminals and nothing can stop them. The key word here is “popularity”. In the market of fame one of the most worthy products are still beauty and love. These will always find customers.

Mossakowski, Paweł

A play in 22 scenes for two actors.

Bajer, Michał

Obsessive and full of naive charm, of memories at the same time carefree, yet cruel - a dialogue about growing old. A dialogue that sounds like a musical score in the listeners' ears. Hence the title of the play - which is the title of a piece by Arnold Schönberg. If the viewer could only imagine a stage interpretation of two great heroines: Lamia and Lamblia, old-fashioned sisters - pianists who live together in a house with a garden - they would find themselves in Michał Bajer's drama.

Burzyńska, Anna

Anna Burzyńska's play was influenced by the article published in "Polityka" and dealing with the circumstances of young Polish businessmen and the plague of suicides, which happen on Sundays. The author was probably frightened by the vision of a well arranged and planned life of thirty-year-olds, who, like young piranhas, are climbing the career-ladder in new and big foreign managerial companies. These are also the protagonists of "Most suicides happen on Sunday" - Klara and Nikodem.

Wróblewski, Grzegorz

The main focus is on the physical and mental process of existence. Larsen has no control over the scientific process since it has been monitored by two specialists: Mr Spolik and Zvidd. They are the masters of illusions which Larsen experiences. Grzegorz Wróblewski has created an unusual vision of science fiction, both terrifying and surprising. Larsen, Mother and two scientists experience an advanced disintegration of mental and physical structures. The material world seems to be a heavy burden that the New Man has to get accustomed with.

Polak, Doda

The mother’s burial and the reading of the will – the first two scenes clearly show the distinct features of the sisters, differences between their personalities. The eldest, Mila, is mentally deficient. Krysia, Ewa and Ada discuss the possibility of sending Mila to an asylum - convenient and not expensive. Then it turns out that mother’s will gives them some decent fortune, divided into three equal pieces; but there is one condition: within 24 hours the sisters have to decide which one of them will take care of Mila.

Chotkowski, Łukasz

Using a simple and vulgar language, Chotkowski gives the audience a realistic insight into the life of the street people.  The action takes place amongst the juveniles. The author presents a chain of impressive pictures of the young losers who live nowhere and deal with stealing and mugging. Their rudeness towards each other results from a state of being lost. Their emotions are childish.

Kamiński, Jarosław

or: "The Renunciation”

A drama HE - around 30, SHE- his reflection, voices

(IN)HUMAN DIARIES/(Nie) Ludzkie dzienniki

Co-writer Magda Durek

The play explores a difficult theme of the history of the Jews during World War II.

Jurek Paweł

An extremely brave tragic comedy about losing moral standards and values. Highly praised at the Polish Competition of Comedies in Tarnów - TALIA 2001. The play is a kind of mockery on the world of TV commercials, soap operas and empty slogans of total freedom behind which another product is advertised. This is the world of consumerism, free in a sense that it is deprived of any standards of behaviour. Agnes is a commercial journalist, very successive in the world of the media; she is also well known as the organizer of porn parties.