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Heaven and Hell

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
The play was in the semi-finals of the 10th Gdynia Drama Award in 2017, and received an award for the best dramatic text in the 23rd National Competition for the Exhibition of Polish Contemporary Art and at the Wałbrzych Festival of Small Premieres (2017), the Wrocław Theatre Award (2017) and a distinction at the Korczak Festival (2017)
Cast details
Some of the roles can be joined, some of them can be played either by women or men
Original title
Piekło – Niebo

Children are usually presented with an oversimplified explanation of the world. Those who deserve it go to heaven, and sinners are left in a sad corner (or a bubbling cauldron) in hell. Has anyone ever wondered what might happen if an unruly mum - a DJ who died in an accident and did not manage to say goodbye to her beloved son were to enter the afterlife?

The play by Maria Wojtyszko, full of twisted but also warm humour, is a record of the escape of two unusual renegades - a DJ named Jola and the silly devil Osmolka - through the corners of the afterlife. The journey through heaven and hell, dreamt of in the middle of a dark wardrobe, helps the young Tadzik to cope with the loss of his parent. The chase conducted by a host of somewhat garish angels and mouthy devils abounds in many gags, but gradually different thematic layers are also revealed. For example, multiple aspects of maternal love. The devil Mania, the mother of Osmolka, loves him with toxic love, resorting to deceit to keep her adult son at her side. Jola, though seemingly irresponsible and distracted, thinks only about the safety and peace of Tadzik's spirit. There will also be the Mother of God, who waits for a phone call from her Son all day long. But, as God will say, "if he doesn't call, he is happy and doesn't miss anything".