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Wojtyszko, Maria

Writer, playwright and dramatist. She studied cultural studies at the University of Warsaw, screenwriting at the Łódź Film School and feature directing at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. She also studied at the Drama School at the Drama Laboratory. She has written scripts for television series and short films. She regularly participates in international workshops, such as Midpoint, Passion to Market or Films For Kids Pro.

For adults, she also wrote the musical End of the World in Deer's Hill City, staged in 2015 at the Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra, and Cizi Jazyk (Foreign Language), which had its premiere in 2017 at the X10 Theatre in Prague. She was awarded a prize funded by the Stary Theater in Kraków and “Dialog” journal for her play The Womb (Macica). The Womb has been staged in Poland (world premiere at the Żeromski Theatre in Kielce) and worldwide (Leipzig, Vienna and Brno). Her other plays aimed at adult audiences include The End of the World in White Hill City (Koniec świata w White Hill City) and Foreign Language (Język obcy), written for the Divadlo X10 in Prague (this play was published in Polska jest mitem (Poland is a Myth) –  contemporary Polish drama anthology).
In 2010 she was awarded the main prize in a competition organized by the Center for Children’s Art in Poznań for The First Man (Pierwszy człowiek świata) and has received many other prizes since then.

In 2010, she received the first prize in a competition organized by the Children's Art Centre in Poznań for her play First Man in the World. The play was staged at the Rawa theatre in Katowice in 2015. She is the author of plays for children such as Pacan - a story about love, Mika sull on janonen? commissioned by and produced at the Finnish Teatteri Mukamas, the Princess Logorea and the Bear staged at the Guliwer Theatre in Warsaw, Gniazdo (Nest) played at the A. Fredro Theatre in Gniezno, Sprzedawcy Bajek (Fairy Tale Merchants) at the Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz.

As the author of stage adaptations and playwright, she has worked, among others, on Michał Walczak's The Sad Princess, Kornel Makuszyński's Koziołek Matołek, Michael Ende's Momo, Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt, Antoni Libera's Madame, and Nicholas on Holidays by Rene Goscinny.

Since 2012 she has been the literary director of Wrocław Puppet Theatre. Her play SAM, or preparation for family life, was directed in this theatre by Jakub Krofta in 2014, and the play won the main prize in the 20th National Competition for the Production of Polish Contemporary Art.

Also for the theatre in Wrocław, a drama Heaven and Hell was created, which was awarded the prize for the best dramatic text in the 23rd Competition for the staging of Polish Contemporary Art, and as the first ever text for children was in the final of the Gdynia Drama Award. For her play, the author also received an award from the Little Premieres Festival and the Wrocław Theatre Award.

Without any hesitation, she writes cabaret sketches, songs and short stories (Zwierzątko/Animal awarded in the Shalom Asza competition, Wracanie/Return awarded in the University of Gdańsk competition). She has also created a comic published in Krytyka Polityczna, a radio play Mateusz w piekle / Matthew in hell and directed an instructional film for young mothers about breastfeeding.