język polskijęzyk angielski

Black over white

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
Original title
Czarna biel

Using a simple and vulgar language, Chotkowski gives the audience a realistic insight into the life of the street people.  The action takes place amongst the juveniles. The author presents a chain of impressive pictures of the young losers who live nowhere and deal with stealing and mugging. Their rudeness towards each other results from a state of being lost. Their emotions are childish.

The boys say that honesty doesn’t pay. This slogan has been preserved in their families for generations. Violence, drugs and alcohol make their existence a bit more colourful. One of the characters robs lonely ladies in the street. He treats his girlfriend Olka as if she was his property, not a human being. She visits him in prison. Now he can notice her advanced pregnancy. This is the only time he uses the words of love. All characters are being presented as rotten and aggressive individuals; however, in the critical moments they are able to show each other solidarity or some warm feelings.