Polish plays

To be born again

Ślepowrońska, Dagna

A psychological drama 

Apart from Aniela, all the characters of the play remain seated in the auditorium until their time comes to go on the stage and perform their parts. 

Black over white

Chotkowski, Łukasz

Using a simple and vulgar language, Chotkowski gives the audience a realistic insight into the life of the street people.  The action takes place amongst the juveniles. The author presents a chain of impressive pictures of the young losers who live nowhere and deal with stealing and mugging. Their rudeness towards each other results from a state of being lost. Their emotions are childish.

Felicia the little thief

The main character, a girl called Felicia, is fascinated by the Barbie doll. The story deals with relations between adults and children, suggesting that children should be treated as partners by adults, deserving respect and as much time and attention as they need.

The quarrel at the ball

Lachnit, Ewa

Their encounter after twenty years reveals different life choices and attitudes. A confrontation seems inevitable. The characters are around their forties; they used to attend the same class at secondary school. Their former classmates have experienced marriages, divorces and love affairs. Many of them have children. Some perhaps drink too much. Bogdan and Baśka achieved financial success, frustrated Michał is always fighting with his German wife, Marta lives in Italy as a successful opera singer etc. 

The governor

Wróblewski, Grzegorz

The Roman army in Germania is going through a miserable time. The soldiers suffer from diarrhea, cold, darkness and barbaric customs. Their morality is put to the test. Warus, Publus and Kwintilus are stuck amongst the swamps. The healer and herbs collector Kwintilus feeds his comrades with the berries he has found in the woods. The fruit is supposed to have replenishing impact. As a matter of fact, the berries act as a switch. Each time the characters reach for the berry, their situation changes entirely.