Polish authors

Mossakowski, Paweł

Paweł Mossakowski, born in 1957, an author of radio and tv plays, reviewer and film producer. A graduate in sociology at Warsaw University, in 1981 he was employed as a junior lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Culture. Since 1989 a journalist for “Gazeta Wyborcza”, in 1990-1996 a literary director of the Polish Radio Theatre, and in 1996-2003 a Canal Plus film producer. 

Papis, Jacek

Jacek Papis, born in 1969, a director, actor, writer, playwright, graduate of the Stage Direction Department at Cracow Drama School (1999) and of the Theatre Arts Department of Warsaw Drama Academy (1995). A co-founder of the Wytwórnia Theatre in Warsaw (which opened on November 5, 2005). Collaborated many times with Maja Komorowska in Warsaw and Krystian Lupa in Cracow. A winner of the Ministry of Culture scholarship for dramatic literature.

Pałyga, Artur

Artur Pałyga, born in 1971 in the borderland between Poland and the Ukraine, spent his childhood in the borderland between Poland and Czechoslovakia… A graduate in Polish studies at Cracow University; also graduated from a teacher training- college where he specialized in musical education. In his youth a declared “punk”, an author of punk song lyrics and a singer. Since 1989 a journalist. Pałyga is a winner of many literary and journalistic awards.

Burzyńska, Anna

Anna Burzyńska, born in 1957 in Cracow. Leads Cracow University Department of Theory of Literature where she also lectures. An author of many literary studies as well as fiction and plays, also for teenagers. In 2004 the Academic Bookshop in Cracow published a collection of her plays in which, in a brilliant way, she warns us against the dangerous temptations of the modern world. Awarded by the Ministry of Culture.

Dowlasz, Inka

Inka Dowlasz, an author of theatre and tv scripts, she collaborates with Teatr Ludowy in Nowa Huta where she also directs plays as part of the Therapy Through Art Programme and the Improvisation Studio which organizes workshops that combine drama and psychology, as well as meetings, lectures and readings. She conducts “Role Construction” seminar at the theatre’s actors’ studio and at Jerzy Giedroyc Communication and Media School in Warsaw.

Bajer, Michał

Michał Bajer, born in 1981 in Poznan. For his play Verklarte Nacht he was awarded in the second edition of the contest organized by the Polski Theatre in Wroclaw. In December 2004 the play, directed by Pawel Miskiewicz, was shown at the second Eurodrama Festival in Wroclaw. VERKLÄRTE NACHT/ Verklärte Nacht*
Michał Bajer
A drama

Figura, Radosław

Radosław Figura

Radosław Figura, born in 1961, studied Theatrology at The Theatre Academy in Warsaw. He is an accomplished screenwriter and a theater instructor. He has published novels and his plays were staged in Poland and abroad. He also writes lyrics for polish singers. Since 2002 he has been working for the Polish television as a screenwriter.    

Około-Kułak, Doda

Doda Około-Kułak was born in a borderers family of Polish Tatars, who after the second world war settled down in Silesia. Her profession is an architect. She's married and has one son. She made her debut with a short story ("The fog", 1997)in "Przekrój" weekly magazine. Till now two of her novels (Family Affairs, 1999/ Cobweb, 2001) have been released.