Off you go!

Jurek, Paweł
Original title: 

A three-act comedy

This witty and twisted comedy explores the genre of a soap opera, mixes various kinds of “Dynasty”-like plots, and quotes TV series. It gives us insight into the lives of film producers. 

The Jury of nine has chosen the best screenwriting of the year. The prize goes to the Always Rewarded, an individual deprived of any talents whatsoever. Only if we destroy him, the director believes, he can be remembered forever by the grateful audience. The idea is warmly applauded by the jury and the audience. Then there is a symbolical function of eating and money receiving. The brave director takes the greatest part of cash. Afterwards, we witness the process of filmmaking. It’s an episode nr 261 of “The Loving Family” popular series. Nevertheless, the Always Awarded Laureate is still alive. He flies over the stage, trying to get his share of money from the cash container. The filmmakers shout “Go Away!”, but it is all in vain. Eventually, he manages to steal the money away and vanishes in the haze.