Polish plays

The man in black

Jurek, Paweł

A three-act drama

Paweł Jurek’s play breaks the silence around racism and the social division between the poor and the rich that has been increasingly evident in Poland recently. Comprehensive and straightforward, this text offers a thorough look into the problem.

Collection (scenes from the life of the provinces)

Jakubowski, Jarosław

A man called “Old”, after many years, comes back to his hometown from his journey to South America. Many “benevolent” people turn up, a soon as he arrives, as they suspect they could make business with “Old”. “Old” comes up with an idea of creating a museum of butterflies he brought from America. The project could change the life of theprovince, but nobody believes it could come true. The only people who care about something in the little town are“Old”, “Crazy” and the “Drunkard”- the defender of the poor.

The New Colony

Wróblewski, Grzegorz

The main focus is on the physical and mental process of existence. Larsen has no control over the scientific process since it has been monitored by two specialists: Mr Spolik and Zvidd. They are the masters of illusions which Larsen experiences. Grzegorz Wróblewski has created an unusual vision of science fiction, both terrifying and surprising. Larsen, Mother and two scientists experience an advanced disintegration of mental and physical structures. The material world seems to be a heavy burden that the New Man has to get accustomed with.

Test yourself

Grodek, Julita

It’s winter in a big city. A nice studio of a 60-year-old painter. “Do you know already?”, “Are you expecting?”, “I think so”, “Have you done the test yet?”. “Not yet!”, “I am too afraid of the result.” Is SHE pregnant or not? And if SHE is, how are THEY going to cope with the situation? As SHE has an exorbitant sense of drama, every problem appears in her mind twice larger than it really is. In her mid-thirties, she’s already divorced. She lives together with her 16-year-old daughter (the Little Girl) who has just left for the mountains.

Luncheon meat

Ślepowrońska, Dagna

A grotesque psychodrama featuring an Old Mother and her forty-year-old Daughter. Both women, who still live together, build up a toxic relationship, the Daughter devouring enormous amounts of food and the Mother persistently cleaning the floor. It is a strange game they play, bringing each other constant suffering and yet living in a strange symbiosis. The Mother is always on her daughter’s beck and call, always ready to go shopping for food.

Nothing that is human

Pałyga, Artur

A dozen or so actors, can be played by 5 actors

A theater triptych exploring the problem of Polish anti-Semitism and general xenophobia from three very subjective perspectives: a victim, a witness, an executioner.

Each part can actually make a separate whole, and each follows a different literary convention (from a social discourse to a poetical drama).