Polish plays

Felicia the little thief

The main character, a girl called Felicia, is fascinated by the Barbie doll. The story deals with relations between adults and children, suggesting that children should be treated as partners by adults, deserving respect and as much time and attention as they need.

The quarrel at the ball

Lachnit, Ewa

Their encounter after twenty years reveals different life choices and attitudes. A confrontation seems inevitable. The characters are around their forties; they used to attend the same class at secondary school. Their former classmates have experienced marriages, divorces and love affairs. Many of them have children. Some perhaps drink too much. Bogdan and Baśka achieved financial success, frustrated Michał is always fighting with his German wife, Marta lives in Italy as a successful opera singer etc. 

Luncheon meat

Ślepowrońska, Dagna

A grotesque psychodrama featuring an Old Mother and her forty-year-old Daughter. Both women, who still live together, build up a toxic relationship, the Daughter devouring enormous amounts of food and the Mother persistently cleaning the floor. It is a strange game they play, bringing each other constant suffering and yet living in a strange symbiosis. The Mother is always on her daughter’s beck and call, always ready to go shopping for food.

My life as a rabbit

Filipiak, Izabela

My Life as a Rabbit by Izabela Filipiak has a female cast and offers a farcical picture of a lesbian couple's "domestic bliss" whose only intruder is a TV set. The action is limited to their domestic sphere only, so any confrontation between the private/personal and the public/political is avoided, though still represented in a symbolic way. The characters, Z. and H., announce at the very beginning that they will make love only in their imagination because they are too exhausted for any physical contact.

Over luggage

A poetic and thought-provoking play about the bond between the living and the dead. About death that teaches us to appreciate our short life and to search for its meaning.

An airport terminal. A young woman is sitting on a very uncomfortable chair. She has cancer and a love affair with a married doctor who is treating her.

Porno generation

Jurek, Paweł

An extremely brave tragic comedy about losing moral standards and values. Highly praised at the Polish Competition of Comedies in Tarnów - TALIA 2001. The play is a kind of mockery on the world of TV commercials, soap operas and empty slogans of total freedom behind which another product is advertised. This is the world of consumerism, free in a sense that it is deprived of any standards of behaviour. Agnes is a commercial journalist, very successive in the world of the media; she is also well known as the organizer of porn parties.