Polish plays

Off you go!

Jurek, Paweł

A three-act comedy

This witty and twisted comedy explores the genre of a soap opera, mixes various kinds of “Dynasty”-like plots, and quotes TV series. It gives us insight into the lives of film producers. 

The friends of mr kant

Papis, Jacek

“The Friends of Mr Kant” is a sort of philosophical trip. Jacek Papis tries to reveal the last years of the life of Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest European thinkers, who developed cognitive study and set modern standards for it, stating that in a cognitive process there matters not only a subject and an object, but also forms. In the final scenes we witness the silent genius. He is in bed with a group of faithful friends around him. Papis succeeds in presenting how anonyms of pure reason described by Kant influenced his own life choices.

Over luggage

A poetic and thought-provoking play about the bond between the living and the dead. About death that teaches us to appreciate our short life and to search for its meaning.

An airport terminal. A young woman is sitting on a very uncomfortable chair. She has cancer and a love affair with a married doctor who is treating her.

Collection (scenes from the life of the provinces)

Jakubowski, Jarosław

A man called “Old”, after many years, comes back to his hometown from his journey to South America. Many “benevolent” people turn up, a soon as he arrives, as they suspect they could make business with “Old”. “Old” comes up with an idea of creating a museum of butterflies he brought from America. The project could change the life of theprovince, but nobody believes it could come true. The only people who care about something in the little town are“Old”, “Crazy” and the “Drunkard”- the defender of the poor.

The governor

Wróblewski, Grzegorz

The Roman army in Germania is going through a miserable time. The soldiers suffer from diarrhea, cold, darkness and barbaric customs. Their morality is put to the test. Warus, Publus and Kwintilus are stuck amongst the swamps. The healer and herbs collector Kwintilus feeds his comrades with the berries he has found in the woods. The fruit is supposed to have replenishing impact. As a matter of fact, the berries act as a switch. Each time the characters reach for the berry, their situation changes entirely.

The bowling

Łukosz, Jerzy

This witty tale by Jerzy Łukosz can be understood on many levels. One of them deals with the process of transformation Poland has been going through. We observe mental twists and turns of a Polish family under the oppression of capitalism. An individual bound by the newly born system is getting less compassionate and more self-centred. Another important field of the author’s interests is a dynamic nature of human relations.


Łukosz, Jerzy

A three- act play

A psychological drama. A theatre director creates a passion to worship the theatre. The play talks about the borders that one must establish while manipulating others, about the need for having gurus and high ideas in the modern world. In “Luminosity” we can find a recollection of Jerzy Grotowski’s theatre concept.