Polish plays

Inside this big cosy house

Jurek, Paweł

Paweł Jurek mocks our contemporary reality which is constantly manipulated by the media. His characters believe in their fictional images; they lose their sense of identity. It finds its reflection in the destroyed culture that has been replaced by TV pictures. The powerful media is ready to create heroes out of criminals and nothing can stop them. The key word here is “popularity”. In the market of fame one of the most worthy products are still beauty and love. These will always find customers.

Collection (scenes from the life of the provinces)

Jakubowski, Jarosław

A man called “Old”, after many years, comes back to his hometown from his journey to South America. Many “benevolent” people turn up, a soon as he arrives, as they suspect they could make business with “Old”. “Old” comes up with an idea of creating a museum of butterflies he brought from America. The project could change the life of theprovince, but nobody believes it could come true. The only people who care about something in the little town are“Old”, “Crazy” and the “Drunkard”- the defender of the poor.


Polak, Doda

Glasshouses is an intimate drama of a married couple who fell into a state of torpor. Their life is to change under the influence of a stranger‘s visit, who encourages the frustrated couple to speak out their complaints and sorrows which eventually brings their relationship to an end. Cyryl, a representative of political and intellectual opposition hides during the martial law in a ranger’s house in a forest. The hosts, Adam (a ranger) and Jaga (a village teacher of music) put him up very willingly.

The stupiddish one

Figura, Radosław

In his play Figura mocks some religious bigots and shows how they function in capitalism. By changing moods and leading us to unexpected turns of the action, the author voices an important question about the role of the church in the contemporary world.

Over luggage

A poetic and thought-provoking play about the bond between the living and the dead. About death that teaches us to appreciate our short life and to search for its meaning.

An airport terminal. A young woman is sitting on a very uncomfortable chair. She has cancer and a love affair with a married doctor who is treating her.