Polish plays

Off you go!

Jurek, Paweł

A three-act comedy

This witty and twisted comedy explores the genre of a soap opera, mixes various kinds of “Dynasty”-like plots, and quotes TV series. It gives us insight into the lives of film producers. 

My life as a rabbit

Filipiak, Izabela

My Life as a Rabbit by Izabela Filipiak has a female cast and offers a farcical picture of a lesbian couple's "domestic bliss" whose only intruder is a TV set. The action is limited to their domestic sphere only, so any confrontation between the private/personal and the public/political is avoided, though still represented in a symbolic way. The characters, Z. and H., announce at the very beginning that they will make love only in their imagination because they are too exhausted for any physical contact.


Polak, Doda

Glasshouses is an intimate drama of a married couple who fell into a state of torpor. Their life is to change under the influence of a stranger‘s visit, who encourages the frustrated couple to speak out their complaints and sorrows which eventually brings their relationship to an end. Cyryl, a representative of political and intellectual opposition hides during the martial law in a ranger’s house in a forest. The hosts, Adam (a ranger) and Jaga (a village teacher of music) put him up very willingly.


Łukosz, Jerzy

The last years of Gerhard Hauptmann’s, a German writer, the Nobel Prize winner and the man whom we may call “the artist of life”, shows an excellent material for creating a film or a theatre play. Making a film, the initial topography of the place (the house in Jagniątkowo, the park) is worth to be preserved. This play gives a strong impression of authenticity. The play is based on biographical facts. Dialogues, however, are mostly fictional. On 9th of May 1945 Soviet forces get into Jagniątkowo, a place in the mountains.

The bowling

Łukosz, Jerzy

This witty tale by Jerzy Łukosz can be understood on many levels. One of them deals with the process of transformation Poland has been going through. We observe mental twists and turns of a Polish family under the oppression of capitalism. An individual bound by the newly born system is getting less compassionate and more self-centred. Another important field of the author’s interests is a dynamic nature of human relations.