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Pakuła, Mateusz

Born in 1983 polish writer, playwright, adaptor, theater and radio director. His works as a playwright have been staged numerously on the country’s most important stages and received some of the most prestigious awards in Polish theatre, such as among others Gdyńska Nagroda Dramaturgiczna (Gdynia Literary Award). Performances based on his plays have won the Ogólnopolski Konkurs na Wystawienie Polskiej Sztuki Współczesnej (National Competition for staging of Polish Contemporary play) three times.

For the past ten years he has been leading workshops and playwriting courses. He graduated in drama from the Drama Directing Department of the State Higher School of Drama (PWST) in Cracow. He studied Polish studies (specialization: knowledge of culture) at the Jagiellonian University and philosophy at the University of Lodz. He made his debut as a prose writer with the book Jak nie zabiłem swojego ojca i jak bardzo to żałuję, which was recognized as one of the most interesting books of 2021, received the Krakow City of Literature UNESCO Award, the Pen of the Year Literary Debut 2021 and the ArtRage Award, nominated for Empik Discoveries, the Gdynia Literary Award and the Witold Gombrowicz Literary Award (awarded with a residency in Vence), and was in the final five of the European Prix Grand Continent award.

  • Available translations:
    - Biały dmuchawiec (White dandelion): Czech, Spanish
    - Konradmaszyna: German
    - Miki Mister DJ: Czech
    - Mój niepokój ma przy sobie broń (My anxiety has a gun on it): English
    - Na końcu łańcucha (At the end of the chain): English, Ukrainian
    - Pluton P-brane: English
    - Smutki tropików (The sorrows of the tropics): English, German
    - Stanisław Lem vs Phillip K. Dick: English
    - Twardy gnat, martwy świat (Tough gun, dead world): English