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Jurek Paweł

A three-act comedy

This witty and twisted comedy explores the genre of a soap opera, mixes various kinds of “Dynasty”-like plots, and quotes TV series. It gives us insight into the lives of film producers. 

Pałyga, Artur

A dozen or so actors, can be played by 5 actors

A theater triptych exploring the problem of Polish anti-Semitism and general xenophobia from three very subjective perspectives: a victim, a witness, an executioner.

Each part can actually make a separate whole, and each follows a different literary convention (from a social discourse to a poetical drama).

Klibengajtis, Tomasz

A radio play

Bajer, Michał

Obsessive and full of naive charm, of memories at the same time carefree, yet cruel - a dialogue about growing old. A dialogue that sounds like a musical score in the listeners' ears. Hence the title of the play - which is the title of a piece by Arnold Schönberg. If the viewer could only imagine a stage interpretation of two great heroines: Lamia and Lamblia, old-fashioned sisters - pianists who live together in a house with a garden - they would find themselves in Michał Bajer's drama.

Kamiński, Jarosław

or: "The Renunciation”

A drama HE - around 30, SHE- his reflection, voices

Wróblewski, Grzegorz

Boring retirement?

Jurek Paweł

A comedy Characters:

Lewandowski, Robert

A mysterious play for two elderly men and a choir 

(Tycho de Brache – nickname of a Polish writer) 

Polak, Doda

Glasshouses is an intimate drama of a married couple who fell into a state of torpor. Their life is to change under the influence of a stranger‘s visit, who encourages the frustrated couple to speak out their complaints and sorrows which eventually brings their relationship to an end. Cyryl, a representative of political and intellectual opposition hides during the martial law in a ranger’s house in a forest. The hosts, Adam (a ranger) and Jaga (a village teacher of music) put him up very willingly.

Jurek Paweł

A three-act drama

Paweł Jurek’s play breaks the silence around racism and the social division between the poor and the rich that has been increasingly evident in Poland recently. Comprehensive and straightforward, this text offers a thorough look into the problem.