język polskijęzyk angielski

The Womb

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
Feminist comedy-drama
Original title

Poland, tail end of 80s. Victoria is expecting her first child, but is not sure who the father is. The pregnancy happened to her by accident and the girl doesn't know if she is mature enough to be a mother and if she wants to give birth at all. Anyway, she does not want to be like her parents. Victoria's grandmother suffered during the German occupation and Victoria's mother during the Communist era. Victoria lives in a time of apparent freedom and wants to do everything differently - she wants to be free and independent, to live her own life. But can you be free and independent and live your own life when a frightening stranger grows in your body? The story of a lonely young woman, experiencing a personality crisis due to an unwanted pregnancy, and having long - sometimes comical - conversations with her womb (symbolizing corporeality, femininity, instinct, motherhood), as well as reality confronted with absurdities, remains extremely topical in the era of discussions about tightening the anti-abortion law.