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When the sleep comes

The place of action
Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
Love Story. At the Festival of Contemporary Drama "The Presented Reality" ("Rzeczywistość Przedstawiona"); the performance received awards: for text, direction, audience's choice and several individual acting awards
Original title
Gdy przyjdzie sen
dirtied with mud
trying not to go crazy, to survive the dream
wake up
and keep living peacefully

A village is not an ordinary group. It's an organism, a voice, a breath...but not so ordinary...

"I don't like the water here, the flowers don't smell, I keep tripping. No money to run away... and with no money, there is no place to run to either. I'm getting cold, and I'd rather be hot." - That's what Baśka says to the priest clarifies at confession. This is not her place and not her life. Jasiek's madly in love with her, but without reciprocity. Because what can he offer? A dance at the clubhouse and a pint of beer? But even Jasiek has his dignity. When Baśka betrays him with a guy from the city, he throws her out. Now she has nothing left to lose. She packs a suitcase, leaves her child and runs away to her dream city. But she's not playing nice there. She seduces her best friend's boyfriend as soon as she has a chance.  Meanwhile, Lady luck has smiled at Jasiek - he won the lottery. And suddenly the whole village is at his doorstep... If he is rich, he should share... Baśka also found out, came back and suddenly fell in love. All night long and all day long she was standing in front of his cottage, and nothing. Finally Mietek came for his sister. "Because the whore only causes embarassment". He took her home, released the dog from the chain, tied up the sister, and put her in the doghouse. But Jasiek found out, he came for Baśka, pulled the chain out of the kennel and led her home. But she kept saying that she would hang herself if he didn't want her. She wants to hang herself - well. They go to the barn, she washes herself with water from a bucket before she dies, all wet... and since it's hard to free oneself from infatuation, Jasiek succumbs to her charms and they lay down on the hay together, for a short trip to heaven. But the hay catches on fire, quite mysteriously. Jasiek can't unhook Baśka, still tied to a chain. He runs to get help, but nobody's there. They hide in the dark, cowards... Even Baśka's brother, Mietek. Jasiek wants to come back, but it's too late. The barn has burned down. Together with Baśka. And since people saw him leading her on the chain, the police took him away. And that's all he got from love.

And so Jasiek says to God:

Anyone who revolts against you lives better than those kneeling before you
You only see sense in suffering
You are only happy in suffering
You punish for smiling if the smile is not for you
You’re either not real, or incredibly cruel