język polskijęzyk angielski

Trollgatan. Troll Street

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
political-fiction drama
Cast details
director’s preference: 1M, 2F
Original title
Trollgatan. Ulica Trolli

Andżela works in Ikea and dreams about going to Sweden. In a chat room she establishes a relationship with Lars and decides to go to him. She doesn't know that there may be danger waiting for her in Ikea's land. Mint Boy, a guy from Grodzisk, is already there, but is that what he really dreamed about? Sven, a journalist, is writing a story about neo-Nazis. They all meet at the Ultima nightclub in Malmö, where a terrorist attack occurs. Their meeting is observed by a demonic figure who manipulates their statements and what and who, and in what media format we listen to at the moment. Did any of them survive the attack?

Trollgatan... is a painfully current play - especially in the face of the recent events in Orlando - about media manipulation and dreams that collide with crises threatening to break up the European community.