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Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
Ages 10+
Original title

Sam is thirteen. As if that alone wasn't enough of a disaster, his parents are just getting a divorce because his mother fell in love with an expatriate from the former Yugoslavia. Sam is an intellectual, so he's having trouble with the school bullies. He is lonely. His only friend is a hamster with a split personality. In addition, a new girl appears in the classroom, Wiola, whose family seems perfect to Sam. But only for a time... Sam, an outsider lacking self-confidence and a weirdo, tries to deal with his school enemy, Grzesiek, with the difficult situation at home, with his aversion to his mother's new man and his dad's parade of new girls, and most of all, with love. A funny, warm and wise story about problems with growing up, love and friendship, written in youthful language and comprehensible to everyone who had ever been thirteen years old.