Reality show(s). A cabaret about terrible things

Pilarski, Przemysław
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Reality show(s). Kabaret o rzeczach strasznych
Tragicomedy; the text won the Metaphors of Reality 2016, and was also awarded by the journalists' jury
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+ Cabaret, Jews, Public

Twenty-five years of beautiful freedom! Lofty slogans about democracy, capitalism and... poverty? The sudden end of the world, unpaid bills and other plagues are just an excuse for God to hide from the world. Somewhere along the way all dreams are exhausted, and the reality is so painful that it can only be turned into a reality show. "My wife Bożena is hiding in the closet from poverty", in such way the neoghbour begins his story. He has not seen his beloved for more than 25 years. It would seem to be a story about the costs of transformation. But in a moment it comes to light that the protagonists - yeah, not only them, but also the audience! - are dependent on the whims of the TV show's host. Not only that, but also the Jews, who used to hide in the same tenement house, appear out of the blue. And although they have been gone for a long time, they still scare some people.

Reality show(s) is a tragicomedy about fear. The one developed by trial and error. And the inherited, transgenerational. For some, it may be a play about struggling with the present, for others - with the past; there will be those who notice the tragic love story . And the Germans? And the Jews? And the body? And death? Suffering? God? Balcerowicz? The point of departure is cutting yourself off, isolating yourself, shutting yourself out. It is waging war against life and a war to survive at the same time.