The mother’s house

Jakubowski, Jarosław
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Dom matki
Szczegóły obsady: 
1F, 2M, a girl and the dead

Jakubowski’s debut play. The first, long scene is an encounter of a simple woman, tired and conscious that she had lost in her life with a ruthless journalist. He wants to exploit and make profit out of her sorrows. She had several stillbirths before she gave birth to her beloved son, Staszek. Her husband, Zygmunt was an alcoholic and he died soon after Staszek was born. Jakubowski shows the moral ambiguity of the woman who drives her son to suicide by her passionate, dangerous love. The part of the journalist is also ambiguous, he wants to sell the sensational programme at any cost. The play is particularly suitable for television It has a very challenging role for a middle aged woman.