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Loyal pack

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
the play got into the semi-finals of Gdynia Drama Awards 2018
Original title
Wierna wataha

In this play we travel to the world known from Dworak and Wolak's previous plays. It is a bloody tale stylized as a folk ballad about two families taking turns to send their male descendants to serve the Church. When there is a shortage of men and only daughters are born in the town, the order is disrupted. It is supposed to be restored by giving up Anthony's youngest daughter, Joanna, to the monastery. The girl has been raised to be a saint since childhood, but she rebels against taking on this burden. And so it's only a step away from the catastrophe that can only be averted by a bloody ritual...

Loyal pack represents all the best in PiK's writing. The palpability and vividness of the characters, the aura of a cruel fairy tale, the anxiety-laden poetry of the piece. It is worth to get to know it in reading, however, one should remember that Dworak and Wolak's real element is theatre. They write their plays in order to test them on stage, so that they become part of the performance's space.

- from Jacek Wakar's introduction to the anthology Poland is a myth. New dramas

A dark tale set in a small town. In two rival families, only daughters are born, although all are waiting for the birth of the future priest. Finally, the youngest daughter is destined for the monastery as a sacrifice. Raised as a saintly, the girl begins to rebel, as does her father, while the mother turns into a wolf in defence of the community. The community demands a bloody ritual... The play is written in a poetic language, stylised as a folk tale, but it presents universal mechanisms of exclusion.

- source: the monthly magazine "Dialogue" 1/2018, where the play was first published

Paweł Dworak and Katarzyna Wolak - authors of the text and staging of Loyal pack - place all the events inside the community, which so happens to be one big family. Brothers, sisters, their spouses and children support each other, betray each other in their own circle and choose scapegoats from among their circle. This mechanism is intriguing. The main victim is at the same time the religious sacrifice - Joanna is to go to the convent and become a revered nun, she has been raised in this conviction since her childhood.

- Kamila Łapicka, zteatru.pl

The performances of this duo, which today is a separate entity entirely in the Legnica theatre, are primarily an attempt at confronting an individual with a community from which there is no real escape. [...] Wolak and Dworak set their performances in villages or small towns. But a village or a town is a symbolic settlement area here, because, as already mentioned, it is primarily about exposing human relations, their complexity, level of dependence, and the influence of the community on the individual.

- Grzegorz Ćwiertniewicz, teatrdlawas.pl