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Legal relations

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
English translation by Caryl Swift available
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The play can be staged by a larger group of actors
Original title
Stosunki prawne

At what point are we in our relationship? Such a question will arise in the minds of viewers who will see their everyday life represented on stage. It is exaggerated, but at the same time it serves as an excuse to think about the relationship with a current, former or future partner. The strength of the spectacle lies in the simplicity of form and in the fact that it touches upon subjects that are of concern to each viewer - because everyone once signed a contract, entered into an interpersonal relationship or wondered about the complexity of legal language.

He and She, entering into a relationship between a man and a woman, perform mundane activities in front of the audience. Activities, which eventually become grotesque and grow to the status of problems leading to the total breakdown of their marriage. The comedy is full of lively, natural dialogues and energetic, jazzy music. Each subsequent scene has its own musical theme, defining how the actors play and communicate with the audience. Everything has been presented in the style of a New York drama, with a little bit of humour in Woody Allen’s signature style.

Legal relations address, among other things, the issues of prenups, marital infidelity and disputes about raising children. The use of legal language, which permeates the characters' everyday life, gives a new dimension to the perception of every little chore. Just brewing tea can be a cause of psychological abuse of your partner, while excessive use of one's mobile phone can be an excuse to file a divorce suit.

Flexibility in casting choices allows the play to be performed by two actors, but also by a slightly larger ensemble.


  • Written in collaboration with Magdalena Engelmejer.