Just a play

Jurek, Paweł
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Zabawa w zdrady

A comedy Characters:

Ladies around their 40ties: 
Marta – a bank vice director (a bit plump)
Katarzyna – a housewife („a poor thing”)
Maja – a journalist (skinny and always on a diet) Men over their 40ties:
Daniel – an engineer (bald and mild)
Rafał – a businessman (goes into „second youth”)
Tadeusz – a photographer („always boyish”)

The action of this contemporary drama touches the problem of jealousy and possible infidelity. There is a club of three ladies that suspect their partners of sleeping around. Thus, they make up a sort of theatre: they decide to stir up their partners’ jealousy by talking about their own love affairs. The wives leave all household chores on their husbands’ shoulders. Painfully hurt by the lack of clean shirts, the gentlemen try to get back their ladies’ hearts. They are convinced that the wives transferred their affections onto someone else.

Every intrigue can break down, though. In order to restore the peace, the men create their own plot which makes their wives anxious. “This is just a play” they think, “but our boys can easily go too far.” Thus, everything ends happily with the gentlemen being reformed. From now on they are going to take better care of their ladies and help them at home. Would they be able to do this if they knew their wives’ love affairs were only cock and bull stories?