I don’t sea why not

Prześluga, Malina
Tytuł oryginalny: 
A morze nie
Dla dzieci
Obsada kobiety: 
Obsada mężczyźni: 
Szczegóły obsady: 
can very well be played by less numerous cast
Prapremiera polska: 
19.06.2016, Teatr Baj Pomorski, dir. Zbigniew Lisowski

Mr Carrot confides in his Barber while having his leaves trimmed – because, as is well known, barbershops are the best places to gossip. With the possible exceptions of bars, like the Salad Bar. That’s how this humorous story about living life to the fullest starts, a story based on many unusual relations between the characters.

By coincidence, Mr Carrot gets stuck in the head of a certain Snowman, becoming his nose. The vegetable, as more experienced (after all, it escaped the torturers ready to make it into broth), shows his new friend around the world. They bring a pigeon back to life, meet people who are celebrating New Year's Eve, as well as a slightly enchanted Carrot bartender with a charming name - Greek Salad. Above all, however, the Snowman wants to see the endless sea - and when it starts to melt, he wants to become one with it. There is only one way out - to find the end of the sea. And for that they need to go to the North Pole...

I don’t sea why not is a warm story about a journey. About a friendship which is not afraid of the chef's cleaver, expiry date or positive temperatures... But Prześluga's play is not only a tapestry weaved of retort and brilliant jokes, sometimes with an eye on an adult viewer. It has a deeper message - everything flows, life is short, so you should take full advantage of it. Sacrifice in the name of friendship makes this experience even more complete.

Carrot and Snowman are the main characters, Greek Salad and the Pigeon have smaller roles, while Barber Fred, the Lemon, and people are background roles – the play may well be staged with a smaller cast.