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The Hypochondriacs’ Club

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
Independent continuation of „Something for the soul. "Coś dla ducha. The Hypochondriacs’ Club 2”
Original title
Klub hipochondryków

There is a common opinion that middle-aged men sometimes simply lose their minds. Looking at the behaviour of three friends: the distinguished homosexual Leo, a ladies' man Tom and Ken, who's going through various tribulations with his ex-wife, one can conclude that men in their prime come from a very extravagant planet.

The titular hypochondriacs meet to celebrate the birthday of one of them. One of their "entertainments" is to study the atlas of diseases. Each of them finds symptoms that are supposed to be fatal. Boasting who suffers more and who dies the fastest makes the atmosphere hotter. But the men's party turns into a night they will never forget. Ken's ex-wife, Pam, appears at the apartment door. Some time later, Pam's lover, a plastic surgeon named Vito, Ben, Leo's former partner, and young Gina, Tom's heavily pregnant lover and at the same time, the daughter of the possessive Vito, appear. The various mechanisms of qui pro quo, verbal and situational jokes, skillful gradation of the dramaturgy and skillfully woven sensational plot make this play a great, energetic farce, as evidenced by its presence in the repertoire of the Syrena Theatre for over a decade.



"Three men who cannot accept the passing of time are trying to face a surprising reality. It's funny, it's engaging, it's supposed to be taken with a grain of salt. This performance evokes emotions, provokes laughter. Hello! Uncontrolled laughter attacks?! Mandibular tremor?! Diaphragm spasms? It must be the Hypochondriacs' Club."

- Katarzyna Hanna Binkiewicz, krytykat.wordpress.com


"The Hypochondriacs' Club" is a different proposition from most plays based on English sense humor. There, comedy manifests itself mainly in situational jokes, here ironic situations are supported by extensive, intelligent dialogues. These two factors complement each other perfectly and, combined with professional acting, ensure that the story of the characters' weakness will also be appreciated by the male part of the audience".

- Michał Janusz, Teatr dla Was