Grande Papa

Prześluga, Malina
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Grande Papa
Dla młodzieży
play for children aged 10+ and teenagers
Obsada kobiety: 
Obsada mężczyźni: 
Szczegóły obsady: 
3 characters (Frog, Tony, Poop)

Tony – a television antenna – has issues with her name, as she’s a woman. A plastic bag from a corner store believes that got caught on the antenna believes that she’s a real frog and wants to escape from the tar paper covered roof where they both dwell and that’s regularly visited by a cat. They are joined by pigeon poop who believes that it’s a real pigeon. One day, due to heavy wind, the plastic bag gets free and flies off to the lawn, taking the poop with it. It tries to convince the antenna to run away with them, but she decides to stay on the roof and fulfill her destiny.

Malina Prześluga’s one-act play about the power of faith in dreams and in friendship.