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Foreign Language

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
Divadlo X10 in Prague, dir. by Jakub Krofta (november 2017)
play written for the Divadlo X10 in Prague, published in “Polska jest mitem” – Polish contemporary drama anthology in 2019; translated into German
Original title
Język obcy

A quasi-autobiographical, full of absurd story conceived in the mind of the character called simply “I”. The action takes place during screenwriting workshops for filmmakers from Central Europe. Dull small-talks about the model plot structure do not translate into a normal life. The main heroine, brought to life by “I”, starts to create new, sometimes gargantuan characters. Fiction merges with reality, the characters invent each other and defy the omnipotent power of their creators.

"Foreign Language" refers not only to the internationality of the filmmakers’ team – this term conveys an inability to freely express one’s feelings despite strong skills of pitching. Foreign language stand also for alarming fascist tendencies emerging in Central Europe. People can be united by their basic need of integration – whether against hatred and xenophobia or through aggression and fanaticism.

“It’s a comedy drawing from the very process of writing, unveiling complicated yet amusing relation between the author and her heroine. These are the words that may ring the bell: “You are the main character. You need to do something to make something happen. People hate it when it doesn’t happen”. That’s an allusion to Tadeusz Różewicz’s The Card Index. Maria Wojtyszko peeps at the backstage of filmmaking and theatre-making, studies screenwriting process, invites to the stage filmmakers from Hungary and Slovakia, and a scriptwriter from the United States, to present us with the new The Card Index, adjusted to contemporary times and new modes of sensitivity”.

– Jacek Wakar, introductory essay to Polska jest mitem. Nowe dramaty – Polish contemporary drama anthology