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An empty cinema hall. The young man came here to mull over his life – unfulfilled hopes, lost love, unaccomplished plans. His reminiscences resemble the narration of a film. The man summarizes its action, however, it takes place only in his imagination. There are numbers from 10 to 1 displayed on the screen – this countdown will set the rythm of the drama, comprised of 10 scenes.

At the very beginning his monologue is disrupted by the entrance of a beautiful girl – his long lost love. Is she real or is she only a figment of his imagination, like an image on the screen? The monologue turns into a dialogue, in which characters evoke their past. They speak in a „film” manner – as if they were directing a movie here and now – casting actors, positioning the camera, choosing music score and also quoting famous films. Perhaps we are not able to tell our stories otherwise than through visual and narrative cliches.
There are a lot of staging possibilities – especially in the use of new media, i.e. video projections, which may become an integral part of the performance and complement the narration (which is based on both visual and verbal components, after all).