język polskijęzyk angielski

Evenings and mornings

Original language of the play
Original title
Wieczory i poranki

A play in 22 scenes for two actors.

The life of the characters reflects the changes that took place in Poland after 1989. Monika and Andrzej are victims of the generation gap and other problems as well; however, they are determined to stay together. The action takes place over several weeks in the man’s studio. Andrzej is around 35. He used to be involved in politics and alternative rock music, now he works as a copywriter for a big company. The ideas of his youth turned into increasing cynicism and alcohol abuse. Monika is 25. She makes a quick career in one of Warsaw’s radio stations. With consistency and diligence she has been working for success in the media.

Representatives of different generations they both have something in common – the passion for the Jarocin festival with its alternative music – that’s where they first met, Monika as merely a spectator and Andrzej as a writer of lyrics for a well-known rock band. The meeting of the characters didn’t end in – as Andrzej had wished – immediate sex. Nevertheless, after some time they decided to live together. They both work hard, so the only time they may enjoy together is in the evenings and mornings. Monika is jealous about Andrzej’s daughter from his former marriage. Andrzej doesn’t like Monika’s devotion for her work. They part, they meet again. Although the world of growing demands towards individuals makes Monika job-dependent, she believes in her relationship with Andrzej. After yet another quarrel she suggests that they should work as a team so as to spend more time together. “I’ll be waiting for you,” she says.