The End of the World in White Hill City

Wojtyszko, Maria
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Koniec świata w White Hill City
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27.09.2014 in C.K. Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra, dir. Jakub Krofta

White Hill City is almost extinct, and the president is about to arrive with a pre-election message. He's threatened by a local band of Brothers D planning an attack. The town's residents hire a paid assassin, Gloomy Jim, to kill the murderous Brothers, which would be perfect if it wasn't for the fact that Jim is old and can't shoot anymore. Whores from the saloon are looking for a way out of this situation and decide to take matters into their own hands and not to rely on the courage and heroism of the men. Will they manage to defend White Hill City and save the president?

The end of the world... is a western-style feminist comedy in which the protagonists are thoroughly modern and their problems are very topical.