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For children
Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
there are 18 named characters, although in the production realised by Teatr Animacji in Poznań there were only 8 actors. A part of the characters can be represented by dolls, e.g. Roar, Piggy, Dad Dragon, Dragons’ Teacher, dragons Kriik, Grau, and female dragons Aghar, Gruii, Rahhi, Waaeer, Ssikhh
Original title

A funny and touching play by Malina Prześluga about the encounter between a man and a dragon (the so-called stranger who, by definition, arouses fear), getting rid of prejudices and fostering tolerance towards otherness. Human and dragon worlds live side by side and function according to similar principles, but are full of mutual antagonisms. Dragons, just like people, go to work, school (where they learn, among other things, the difficult art of flying), have their own government and president, but instead of similarities they only look for differences. Dragons, like people, tell fairy tales... about people who once sowed fear in the dragon world, kidnapping dragons' sheep and princesses - the brave Drak Ewka protects dragons from the destructive actions of man. This is what Daddy Dragon passes on to his son Roar. Dragons' hostility has its source in human prejudice - it is well known that people see larger and physically more powerful dragons only as enemies. Charles is particularly obsessed with this - he deeply believes in the existence of dragons, so everyone considers him crazy. Charles and his Piglet, who want to kill all the dragons of the world, travel to the dragon world for this purpose. There they meet the little dragon Roar, who seems very nice and harmless to them. Rejecting prejudices, they set off together on a very dangerous but important mission... Thanks to this meeting, the human and dragon worlds will turn out to be surprisingly similar and the differences between them will prove to be fascinating.