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The Detailed Theory of Life and Dying

Female cast
Male cast
Original language of the play
play nominated to the semi-finals of the prestigious Gdynia Drama Award 2018; published in “Dialog” magazine, 5/2018 issue
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Original title
Szczegółowa teoria życia i umierania

Detailed Theory of Life and Death is a polyphonic play written initially for the radio; it consists of the voices of the living and the dead. It tells the story of Jan and Antonina Żabiński, who were hiding Jewish people in the Warsaw ZOO, of which they were directors. Zdunik, instead of writing a traditional storyline, created a polyphonic structure, which resembles a score with many voice parts; a kind of improvised radio broadcast, in which we can hear a speaker and an author himself, struggling with his own work of art. Apart from that, Zdunik is far from preserving the myth of Polish heroism, brought up a little while ago by the Hollywood movie about the Żabińskis, starring Jessica Chastain as Antonina. For him, the Żabińskis’ story differs depending on the current storyteller’s background and experience. Zdunik treats theater and drama as a one of a kind medium.”

− Jacek Wakar, introductory essay to Polska jest mitem. Nowe dramaty anthology