Daddy hangs himself in the woods

Pilarski, Przemysław
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Tata wiesza się w lesie
1. Prize in the 1st National Drama Competition for Contemporary Chamber Art Słowo/Aktor/Spotkanie 2016
Obsada kobiety: 
Obsada mężczyźni: 
Szczegóły obsady: 
can be a monodrama for a man
Prapremiera polska: 
21.08.2016 in Teatr Studio, Warsaw

Here is the Hero, a young man who seeks good advice on how to live to find happiness. He searches in contemporary guidebooks, in old books, but finally finds real help on the Internet, on webcams. At first, he treats her as an ordinary object to satisfy his sexual fantasies, but it soon turns out that they are both scarred by life.

"Some have had a disorder from childhood. I guess I've had one from my father," says the Hero at some point. Both he and she are lost and don't quite know what to expect from each other. He, locked in a prison of entanglement and trauma, is afraid to leave his comfort zone and work through childhood events related to his toxic father. She - at times seems to be his projection, the question arises whether she is not one of his selves. The unhappy childhood is just another gadget in his collection of peculiarities. The question, repeated like a mantra, "Will you play with me?" leads them through various games, but it is not sure if any of these games offer a way to a happy ending.

  • The text won first prize in the First Polish National Drama Competition for Contemporary Chamber Art Słowo/Aktor/Spotkanie 2016.