Pawłowski, Łukasz

Pawłowski, Łukasz

Born in 1977. Graduated from PWST in Wrocław in 2002. Until 2009 he was a member of the ensemble of the Polish Theatre in Poznań, in which he played, among others: Lieutenant in Helmucik (I. Villqist, dir. P. Łysak), Piotr Wierchowieński in Demons (F. Dostojewski, dir. M. Fiedor), Joaquin Perez Fernandez Rivas Rooney in Tales of Argentina (based on W. Gombrowicz, dir. P. Kamz), Myzdral in Ferdydurke (W. Gombrowicz, dir. A. Tyszkiewicz). He also played Karol in The Visit of an Old Lady (F. Dürrenmatt, dir. W. Krzystek) at the Television Theatre.

For many years he has been cooperating with the Usta Usta Republika Theatre from Poznań, for which he writes dramas and with which he won the Main Prize at the XXII Alternative Theatre Meetings Klamra in Toruń in 2014 for his performance Uczta / Feast directed by W. Wiński. He has also written such texts for this theatre as: Trials, Battalion and Hidden.

As an actor, he is a laureate of many awards and distinctions; for his role in the WTF!?? of the group, he received First Prize at the 11th National Review of the Contemporary Monodrama in Warsaw in 2013. Two years later, at the same festival, he was awarded the Grand Prix for his thisisnotanartisticstance! that means there will be no premiere! dir. by A. Piotrowska and the Main Prize at the Koszalin National Monodrama Days for the same play.

His dramas were also recognized; several times his plays reached the second stage of the Gdynia Drama Award (Never ending sorry, Donnie&Glide, Other City). In 2012, Safari Zebra was selected in a competition for the 33rd PPA in Wrocław. The premiere took place on 27.03.2012 in Teatr Współczesny in Wrocław. In 2008 the play A+B=Rh- received a distinction in the "Mirror. Picture. Illusion" in Łódź. This play had its premiere in March 2017 at the Municipal Theatre in Leszno, directed by the author.

Łukasz Pawłowski also writes songs (among others, for Krzysztof Kiliański, the Snowman band and for the plays); in 2016, he cooperated with the Capitol Theatre in Wrocław on the play Moja mama czarodziejka (My Mother the Sorceress) directed by Agnieszka Oryńska.

Finalist of the Gdynia Drama Award 2018 for the play Metro Afghanistan.