Łukosz, Jerzy
Original title: 
Wawro, the Notary, Ania, Józek, Christ, Supernumeraries

A three- act play

A psychological drama. A theatre director creates a passion to worship the theatre. The play talks about the borders that one must establish while manipulating others, about the need for having gurus and high ideas in the modern world. In “Luminosity” we can find a recollection of Jerzy Grotowski’s theatre concept.

Misunderstood by everybody and disappointed with the followers of his philosophy, the group who tried to make him a living God, Wawro wants to write his testimony before committing a suicide. The Notary cannot understand Wawro’s frustration; he is focused on his own problem of dissatisfaction with life. Wawro is going to hang himself. He presents his manifesto – “Guru must die alone”. But, he is not going to die, at least not this time, because Jozek (a former actor of his theatre) arrives! Jozek starts to mock Wawro out, he laughs at his passion for theatre and other ideas. Eventually, Wawro’s death is stopped by a theatre rehearsal. He accepts Ania and Jozek’s invitation and spends nice time in their newly built house. But now it’s Wawro’s turn to mock out Jozek and his passion for normal life. Seemingly a charming meeting turns into a terrible raw when Jozek accuses Wawro of being abusive with overuse of alcohol, manipulating people and isolating them from the real world. Wawro is supposed to be responsible for the death of at least two men from his group. He promised everybody they would reach the state of luminosity but instead they had been affected with mental disturbances. This doesn’t change Wawro’s belief that he really is close to God. During his conversation with Christ he confesses all his faded hopes about bringing divine light into the theatre. After coming back from his mystical trip, he tries to convince Ania that she is a chosen woman for him. Jozek is going to Germany for work. Ania uses the opportunity and visits her guru who complains about instability of his lambs. Having only one disciple, again and again he teaches about luminosity. Ania is not aware of how deep and serious Wawro’s paranoia is. Now he believes he must descend into the hell’s realm. He is Asmodeus, the demon referring to his final theory. He would like Ania to go to the other side with him. Jozek comes back from Germany. The depressed woman drinks poison. At this point Wawro gives up his suicidal plans. He finds another group of listeners and gives them his lecture about luminosity.