Kusiak, Iwona
Starring women: 
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A play about the poverty of thought of the contemporary culture. A young girl from a small Polish town, Viola, takes part in a TV reality show in which she goes through a series of cosmetic surgeries. She hopes they will change her life, but she feels worse and worse. The girl’s family begins to “love” her, only after her cosmetic surgeries, when she becomes famous. She starts to go out in the evenings and she often gets drunk. One evening she meets her father who had left her when she was a child. He doesn’t recognize her after her surgery and tries to pick her up. Viola’s operations become a catalyst for her deeply hidden emotions and her relationships with others: starting with Viola’s sister who had always been jealous of her, through her mother’s middle-age crisis, ending in a totally new feelings experienced by her grandmother, who falls in love. The play has a filmic structure, consisting of a sequence of short scences.